About Us

Freedom Cycle Co was started in 2020. After experiencing the e-bikes ourselves, we couldn't get over how much fun they were as well as the exercise we were getting from them. We had to get into them.

We wanted to design a bike that was the best quality we could create. We wanted a top of the line product, but also at an affordable price - that's where Freedom Cycle came from. We also loved the idea that these bikes could allow people with disabilities the opportunity to ride again, so we started donating free bikes. Now we have a mission of donating to disabled veterans. 

Years later, we have developed a bike that we feel is the best bike you can get for the money. Plus, our design and look of the bike is unmatched. Freedom Cycle Co is company based in America which allows you to call us with any issues you have or just to talk about bikes. Trust us, we know bikes. We love electric bikes and we think you will too.